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a simple web-shop framework

karpuz is a simple framework aiming to ease preparing small to medium sized web-shops. it consists of a set of java classes and custom jsp tags. it is written in tiger (java 1.5) and makes use of servlet and jsp technology.

karpuz is highly flexible and can be adapted to any web-shop. see sample configuration for an overview

karpuz is written with the purpose of simplicity. custom tags do most of the job (appending html form elements, hidden fields etc) and jsp pages can be written almost without any code snipplets. it is based on MVC 2 (model-view-controller 2) pattern and hence enables mechanisms like login when required.

again for simplicity it does not make use of a relational database. i planned to use prevayler to store sensitive information. (orders, customers etc)

however it is not complete. since i work on another project nowadays i dont have time to complete it. but i guess anyone with a moderate knowledge of java can adapt it to any web-shop.

karpuz means watermelon in turkish. just for reference, this project is named karpuz after meryem's suggestion of selling watermelon in marketplace.

karpuz is written and distributed under the GNU General Public License which means that its source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public.

good luck & have fun
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